Studer Innotec

Studer Innotec faces the coronavirus pandemic

Recently the coronavirus epidemic has turned into a pandemic that now affects the whole world. Our first thoughts go out to all our partners and we sincerely hope that you will go through this ordeal without major damage.

As the coronavirus is also progressing in Switzerland, we would like to keep you informed.

You have known the company Studer Innotec for a long time, some of you for more than 25 years. We can assure you that you will know the company for many years to come.

Indeed, our company remains solid financially and can get through this troubled period without major worries.

Our work force has been reorganized with the maximum amount of home-based work, with the exception of production and logistics, which remain on hand to deliver your orders.

The sales administration, partly at home, will do its utmost to serve you in the best possible way. Due to the slowdown in certain activities, it is likely that it will take a little longer than usual to respond to certain requests. Please note that access to our company is now closed to the public. In case of need we can be reached by phone and e-mail.

Our R&D and technical support departments remain fully operational. For the time being we have to stop all training in Switzerland and abroad, but our online training offer, which has been operational for several months, is at your disposal.

You can therefore count on Studer Innotec to ensure the continuity of your activities and to be ready to boost your business once this crisis is over.

The thoughts of the entire Studer family are with those directly affected by the virus and those working tirelessly to treat them.

All the Studer Staff