Studer Innotec

Village electrification

Supplying energy to professional applications like hotels, health centres, hospitals, schools, etc. requires reliable, modular and powerful stand-alone systems. Building a public micro-grid implies the same requirements. The product family Xtender / VarioTrack / VarioString, with its flexibility, offers the right building blocks to construct a suitable micro-grid. Combining the products of this family enables the design of systems from a few kVA to 72kVA, while covering a large range of applications. The various communication means available (GSM, Web, SMS) offer full control of the micro-grids.
The well-known flexibility of the Xtender, heart of the micro-grid, allows to design tailor-made systems. With integrated frequency control, the Xtender controls a grid-inverter when present in the micro-grid, allowing for either AC or DC coupling of solar PV.