Studer Innotec

Swiss made power

Studer Innotec, founded in 1987 by Roland Studer, is an ISO certified company that develops and manufactures inverters, inverter/chargers and MPPT solar charge controllers entirely in Switzerland.

Innovation and reliability

Studer Innotec is a Swiss company, working in line with the Swiss culture of innovation, quality and reliability. Our team is fully committed to these values, which are also our promises. And only the one who makes a promise can keep it. Therefore our products are developed, manufactured and tested in our facility in Sion, in the middle of the Alps. Our inverters, inverter/chargers and MPPT solar charge controllers are all made in Switzerland. In fact, the Swiss quality require full control of the development and the manufacturing process until the final testing of every single product before dispatching. This is what  brings the product reliability that we are known for, and proud of.

Return on investment

Studer products are designed to be reliable, have a long lifetime and to provide peace of mind. They come with a 5-year warranty and can be expected to work as good as the first day for much longer than that. And, the longer the product lifetime the better the ROI.

Experience and sustainability

Studer Innotec has,  like its products,  a long life time, being founded more than 30 years ago with a commitment to manufacture power conversion products for the off-grid market. Today, there are hundreds of thousands of Studer products in operation all around the world. Their users can rely not only on the products but also on our reliable presence and after sales support over time. Studer Innotec is a family company which ensures that our products will meet and exceed the needs of the sustainable markets of tomorrow.

In 2020, Studer also received the Solar Impulse label, which rewards the 1000 best cost-effective solutions capable of protecting the environment.

Why choose Studer products?

All inverters and MPPT solar charge controllers are not being made equal, because the energy needs are different from one person to another, from one application to another.

This is why you need adapted solutions, smoothly operating and long lasting systems, and you will always find Studer Innotec’s products meeting the highest requirements. 

Our inverters and MPPT solar charge controllers are designed to address your very specific needs for an energy you can rely on, for long.


"The flexibility of the system - the communication with the generator together with solar - the possibility to upgrade the system if necessary." 



"Studer is the only inverter brand on the market that can be programmed to work within such a wide dc-voltage range. Only hereby is full use of the Nickel Iron capacity possible. XTS housing resists dust and an occasional splash of dirt. The 5 year of warranty was also appreciated by the customer." 

Sam De Prins (Stafco, BELGIUM)


"Because of the high quality components and the possibility to grow over time. With the Studer VT-65 and VT-80 we could start with one controller and then just extend them over time and even mix the models." 

Alessandro Medici (Enda Solar Ltd., TANZANIA)


"Studer was the only solution because of wide range of accessories like BSP-500, Xcom-232i, Xcom-LAN, which were necessary as base components for smarter controlling through self-developed industrial PLC." 

Robert Morkovsky (Solarni Panely.CZ, s.r.o. CZECH REPUBLIC)


"Studer was chosen Studer products for their quality, efficiency and high technology for setting and monitoring" 

Diciolla Gianbattista (Idroelettromeccanica & C s.n.c. - Elettroingross SPA, ITALY)


"No power cut at entire school campus, Exporting excess power back to Grid, No need to run DG, Noise & pollution free, No need to depend on Grid & DG, Savings at Diesel, Savings at Grid consumption, Savings from exporting surplus power." 

Umakanth (Solar Corona Energy Pvt Ltd, INDIA)


"Thanks to the frequency shift, Xtender inverter/charger could have an excellent energy management for Off Grid systems with AC coupled PV panel & inverter.
Outstanding efficiency and overload capability is quite suitable for the village electrification.
Very stable quality to reduce the cost of the maintenance"

Mr. Fu (Beijing Solar One, CHINA)


"Studer is the best partner in the market for DC to AC solutions (single, 3 phase and paralelling both toghether). Also for back-up and residential. Technical support is amazing and after sales service is even better. I'd say that Studer is the most robust and flexible inverter/charger nowadays in the market. Efficiency is also the highest. Available communication posibilities become STUDER the first choice for high quality inverters. No other one has the B.L.O feature, that means Studer is the best taking care of the battery system and this means that the same battery will for sure last more time when comparing with other inverters."

Mikel Elosegui (IBS Industrial Battery Service, GERMANY)


  • Availability of high capacity MPPT charge controllers.
  • Excellent system integration between charge controllers, inverter chargers and accessories.
  • Multiple programming options offer useful and required functionalities.
  • Fully integrated, easy-to-use control, programming and monitoring solution.
  • Studer Xcom System Monitoring Portal.

Juan David López (Enerssin Ltda., Colombia)